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Concrete CC does more than just flooring

Professional and Reliable Concrete Contractors.

Floor Screed Systems
We offer a wide range of services for your flooring needs. From repairing the floor to refurbishing. We have the right tools and expertise to get the job done.

Floor Paving is durable, easy to install and maintain, eco-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing! It’s perfect for both residential and commercial use because it requires little maintenance and will last longer than other types of flooring materials.

Concrete CC is your one-stop shop for quality asphalt paving and patch work. We also offer emergency services and repairs.

Concrete is an incredibly durable material that can be used for a wide variety of applications. We offer a range of concreting services for your custom concrete needs.

Experts in Industrial Floors Upgrading and refurbishments

Concrete CC specialises in upgrading, repairing and refurbishment of industrial, commercial and warehouse concrete slabs. We are dedicated to providing our customers with quality workmanship. Our concrete floors are designed to withstand heavy traffic and provide a long-lasting solution for your industrials or business. We’re dedicated to providing our customers with quality workmanship. Our skilled technicians will work with you every step of the way, from choosing the right colour options to installing your new concrete project.

We offer a broad range of services for all your concrete needs including surface preparation, resin flooring, floor maintenance, epoxy flooring, driveways, patio, carparks, walkways, etc.

Why Us?

Warehouse Floor Repair


We provide high-quality concrete flooring services and have the expertise to make all your concrete projects come true.


Concrete CC prides itself on quality concrete slabs and friendly services from start to finish.


We understand the importance of having your project completed on time, we are dedicated to finishing each job on time with the highest-quality standards possible.

Concrete CC excels in more than just flooring

Concrete CC makes your dreams come true, by building off your design ideas and turning them into something you can use. We are experts at building quality custom concrete structures. Get in touch with us regarding the unique custom projects you have been dreaming about.

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